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This is information about YOGA and what it provides for not only the body but the soul as well. 

This is about the Instructor

Swedish Relaxation Massage is very soothing and is the most recognized style of massage for relaxation. Therapists use long strokes, kneading, rolling, and percussion techniques on the more superficial layers of muscles to increase relaxation, decrease inflammation, reduce stress levels in the body, and improve blood circulation. 

60 Minutes - $100

Head Massage
Oil Massage

These are the classes offered

Deep Tissue Massage is used to help release tight muscles and spasms in the deeper layers of muscle, connective tissue, and fascia that result from repetitive strain, lingering injuries, and misalignment. Therapists will employ a variety of techniques that involve direct deep pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscle. Some people may be sore after deep tissue treatment since it breaks up scar tissue and adhesions, and resets muscle fibers to promote healing.

60 Minutes - $100

Yoga Packages

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